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Plans & Passes


Practice Session $15 • 1 visit • 60 Minute Independent Practice Session

Duet Workshop $20 • 1 visit

Summer 2017 60-Minute Package $360 • 4 visits

Summer 2017 45-Minute Package $270 • 4 visits

Summer 2017 30-Minute Package $180 • 4 visits

Adult Lessons Package 45-Minute Lessons $300 • 4 visits

Adult Music Lessons Package - 60 Minutes $400 • 4 visits

Early Études Piano Lessons - 25 minutes Fall 2018 $150 • 20 visits • This Pass is the Payment Plan for any 25-Minute Early Études Piano Lessons for the 2018/2019 School Year. Each 25-minute lesson is $37.50. Your initial payment of $150 includes the month of September. By purchasing this pass, you are enrolling for the school year and agreeing to Monthly Payments of $150, which will be automatically drafted from your payment method on the 1st of each month for October through June. If at any point during the school year you would like to cancel your plan, please give us at least 15 calendar days notice, and please try to touch base with us before the 1st of the month when you will be recharged.

All 20 credits must be used between September 1, 2018-January 31, 2019, when they will expire. Certain days of the week have fewer holidays and more available days for lessons. For this reason, students with lessons on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays may use up their credits before the end of the school year. To continue lessons, additional credits may need to be purchased.

Études Private Lessons - 30 minutes Fall 2018 $200 • 4 visits

Adult Music Lessons Package - 30 Minutes $400 • 8 visits